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By using solvers (GLPK, LocalSolver, ...), deliver apps capable of helping you make better decisions.

Decision Aid App
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The decision support application design generally follows the two previous steps of Software Modeling and then Prototyping.

Where Artificial Intelligence aims to 'replace humans', Augmented Analytics tools seek to support humans. These tools allow operational staff to have all the information they need in the right place at the right time. They can also consult the recommendations of the interface and integrate their decision within the interface so that the algorithms offer more and more relevant recommendations.

The fields of application are multiple:
  • - Planning routes of vehicles
  • - Making personal schedules
  • - deciding on purchase volumes
  • - Choosing from a set of suppliers with several decision criteria
  • - Setting a price positioning in a market against competitors
  • - Allocating stocks to a sales channel against another
  • - Deciding on the positioning of a new store or a new production unit
Whenever your operational staff has to make complex decisions based on multiple criteria, our 'decision help software' can help your organization.

These applications are based on business data and / or market data, they can operate in 'connected' or 'asynchronous' mode. OPT2A also helps you to integrate a solver into these applications if necessary. In particular, this will allow you to calculate the optimal solution within the solutions space. This can be particularly useful with regard to issues related to planning, production management, optimization and resources ...


Project Management

Clearly define your objectives and remove technical and organizational obstacles

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Data Mapping

Identify data sources, define flows and write efficient and appropriate update scenarios.

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Software Wireframes

Deliver mock-ups of your applications with all the details allowing your technical teams to implement them.

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Proof of concept

Create POCs in Excel or via Saas interfaces to quickly have an impact on your business : quickly implement helpful tools to improve the performance of your organization.

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Decision Aid App

By using solvers (GLPK, LocalSolver, ...), deliver apps capable of helping you make better decisions.

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Training & Conference

Creation of theme-specific training courses or conferences within your organisation to increase your team's skills.

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Antoine Jeanjean has more than 15 years of experience in the field of Optimization and Augmented Analysis. He is a computer engineer from ISIMA and the University of Oklahoma with a doctorate in computer science from École Polytechnique. His thesis work aimed to prove the efficiency of local search algorithms applied to industrial problems.
He first worked as a consulting research engineer for the Bouygues Group within the LocalSolver e-lab team... Read more

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