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Identify data sources, define flows and write efficient and appropriate update scenarios.

Data Mapping
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Optimization and Augmented Analytics tools feed on input data in order to operate automated scripts or manual interactions with users.

As an output, they generate rich data that are useful for making better decisions: forecasts, price schedules, quality indicators, purchase or recruitment recommendations, etc ...

Before embarking on your development project, it is therefore important to map the existing data sources, current and future data flows, future storage warehouses ...

In the age of the Cloud, it is also mandatory to indicate storage location. Power script (ETL) or calculation execution servers could be added, too.

This mapping could be enriched with indicators on risk levels, priorities, technical and legal constraints. It may also contain notions of expected performance and deployment schedules.


Project Management

Clearly define your objectives and remove technical and organizational obstacles

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Data Mapping

Identify data sources, define flows and write efficient and appropriate update scenarios.

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Software Wireframes

Deliver mock-ups of your applications with all the details allowing your technical teams to implement them.

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Proof of concept

Create POCs in Excel or via Saas interfaces to quickly have an impact on your business : quickly implement helpful tools to improve the performance of your organization.

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Decision Aid App

By using solvers (GLPK, LocalSolver, ...), deliver apps capable of helping you make better decisions.

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Training & Conference

Creation of theme-specific training courses or conferences within your organisation to increase your team's skills.

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He first worked as a consulting research engineer for the Bouygues Group within the LocalSolver e-lab team... Read more

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