Supply Chain & Entrepreneurship (FR & EN) - 24h

Antoine Jeanjean,

A 30-hour course about supply-chain & entrepreneurship: The main objective of this course is to remind you of the importance of an optimized supply chain in your entrepreneurial project.

Supply Chain & Entrepreneurship (FR & EN)

The main objective of this course is to remind you of the importance of an optimized supply chain in your entrepreneurial project. At the heart of your business, the data-driven supply chain will help you collect, access, disseminate and use data efficiently. You will be able to set up decision aid tools adapted to your activity and you will thus have a significant competitive advantage in your market.
Do not make it too complicated from the start, call on the right know-how, carry out these data projects efficiently, guarantee the good flow of information, etc ... are all tips that we will detail in this course. We will illustrate this course with concrete examples from the creation of the Recommerce company, co-founded by Antoine Jeanjean, which has around a hundred employees, several subsidiaries and which repackages more than 600,000 smartphones per year in multiple warehouses.
We will see how an analytical, financial and technical approach made it possible to understand the complexity of this logistics chain while guaranteeing very good results.

  • - Session 1 (3h): Introduction to Supply Chain Management

  • - Session 2 (3h): Design of Value Chain

  • - Session 3 (3h): Circular Economy in Logistics

  • - Session 4 (3h): Data Chain: introduction, data scraping & data flow

  • - Session 5 (3h): Data Storage & Business Intelligence

  • - Session 6 (3h): Data analysis & Operations Research

  • - Session 7 (3h): Modeling & Excel Solver

  • - Session 8 (3h): Data Valuation & Dynamic Pricing

  • - Session 9 (3h): Advisors Seminar (Speakers)

  • - Session 10 (3h): Group Projects Presentation

This module will be taught in October 2021 at Kedge Business School (Head of teaching: Prof. Walid Klibi). This module will be available in videos. It can also be issued on request within your organization. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Antoine Jeanjean,


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Antoine Jeanjean has more than 15 years of experience in the field of Optimization and Augmented Analysis. He is a computer engineer from ISIMA and the University of Oklahoma with a doctorate in computer science from École Polytechnique. His thesis work aimed to prove the efficiency of local search algorithms applied to industrial problems.
He first worked as a consulting research engineer for the Bouygues Group within the LocalSolver e-lab team... Read more
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