Operations Research (FR & EN) - 24h

Antoine Jeanjean, contact@opt2a.com

A 24-hour course about combinatorial optimization and Excel© Solver: Learn first how to model a real problem and optimize it using a solver.

Operations Research (FR & EN)

  • - Session # 1 (6h): Introduction to Operations Research: discover how this discipline can help you solve real optimization problems by modeling them using mathematics and by finding a solution with a solver. We present the definition of an optimization problem, the notions of constraints, decision variables, data ... We will take examples from industry such as the planning of TV ads, the optimization of construction sites motorways, formwork stock management on construction sites, inventory routing problem for gas delivery, ... We introduce the various market solvers (IBM CPLEX ©, LocalSolver ©, Gurobi Optimization © , etc ...). Then we set up a methodology making it possible to take the right reflexes in the modeling of real problems as well as in the management of an Operations Research Problem.

  • - Session # 2 (4h): First examples of problem modeling with four first examples: a home food delivery company that must manage its hiring for the coming year, a cow breeder who must optimize his feed purchases, a factory which sells computer keyboards and an electric scooter company which must decide on the volumes to be allocated to each partner city.

  • - Session # 3 (4h): Following session 2 which allowed us to model the first 4 problems, we use Excel © Solver to solve these first examples. We carry out the first problem together and the 3 other problems are carried out independently with the help of the instructor.

  • - Session # 4 (4h): We continue with two other examples for which we carry out the modeling then the Excel model © Solver: a problem of setting up fast food restaurants which must choose between several cities and a problem of setting up vaccination centers within a region.

  • - Session # 5 and # 6 (6h): We are carrying out a project consisting in modeling a bigger problem of factories that build headphones that they have to deliver to different distributors spread over the territory. You will be asked to deliver the mathematical model, the solver in Excel © Solver as well as a presentation in Consulting mode that explains the results and makes recommendations. The idea is to immerse yourself in the shoes of an optimization consultant who carries out his study and provides his conclusions.

This module is currently taught within the Master 1 Operational Research at the University of Bordeaux (Head of teaching: Prof. François Clautiaux). It can also be issued on request within your organization. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Antoine Jeanjean, contact@opt2a.com

Operations Research (FR & EN)


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Antoine Jeanjean has more than 15 years of experience in the field of Optimization and Augmented Analysis. He is a computer engineer from ISIMA and the University of Oklahoma with a doctorate in computer science from École Polytechnique. His thesis work aimed to prove the efficiency of local search algorithms applied to industrial problems.
He first worked as a consulting research engineer for the Bouygues Group within the LocalSolver e-lab team... Read more

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